Learning to kill for the sake of a name Right here, now, on this sugarless day. Lioness with no survival instinct Calling on the nurse to mend everything Thorn in a paw, cat cut off your tail So you’re tardy and hardly on your way Yawning yourself out of your own clothes. Healthily you say: … Continue reading ~


After a Conversation with Derrick Barry

First off, the family resemblance to Britney is uncanny. Derrick’s sat in his home in Las Vegas after a sapping six-day work week, but I am still startled by the alikeness. Even though this is his one day of the week where he doesn’t have to wear that silken blonde wig and the Baracuda-like corset, … Continue reading After a Conversation with Derrick Barry

The End

The end of the world, it will be here soon Like some far-off earthquake Palming along and breaking into my garden hardening along the coast of Ecuador, gutting the hot rubies of Colombia. We seek shelter Tadpoleing away this right, rushing day I am here and it is there Though it gets closer. The moles … Continue reading The End


The drooling moo of a cow came from beyond the barn. The clouds palmed ahead, July dayed itself away. All was still, hot, quiet, dumb. But what I remember most: the smell of wicker, a brown moth, my shoelaces stuck in the brambles, a swelling of strings that was heard by no one. This is … Continue reading Roy


I throb like a drug thinking: Thoughts in a butterfly net How can I return to form? I still stall between two fools: My love will be barbed in spite My love will be spiked with love Make me dumb, where life is still.